Club flyers are a unique idea, a small paper, a sheet showing piece of information written to fulfill some important purpose. Postcards were used some decades ago to send some invitation and inform about any event. With the advent of technology and art, they transformed into flyers. Flyers are smarter advertising tool that attracts customers while promoting our brand or service. Club flyer leaves a lasting impression on clients and has a significant visual impact.

Most types of flyers are used for business events and corporate conferences depend upon the nature of the event. They contain a simple and brief message about happening of event and timing. Multiple sizes and paper are used for the club flyers. Similarly, design and print options can also be customized. Those flyers design that customers’ desire can be further changed into unique shapes. To enhance the charm and fascination of club flyer, glossy paper is used.

Versatile look:

With the use of latest techniques, club flyers appear unique and marvelous. UV coating is done over it to give a finished professional appearance and offer high quality. It provides a faster turnaround. This ink dries quickly and gives a best writing place as compared to the conventional inks. Club Flyer printing is basically a manufacturing process that is done on a thick paper and provided as per demand and order. Order are both low quality and of high quality. Printed is also done on the envelope. It is very beautiful and customer catering activity. Envelope printing is done on demand, depends upon the nature of the material. Leatherwood, thick paper and linen are used for envelope making. Text and images are printed, some organizations print logos on the corners of the envelope to make a room for postage and address.

Envelope Printing is done best with 4 color options. Black, cyan, magenta and yellow are colors for envelope printing. The durability of envelopes is increased by using the coating on them. General recommendations for envelope printing are regular envelopes i.e. 9.5” x 4.1”. Envelopes are of different sizes i.e. 7.25” x 5.25”, 9” x 12”, 10” x 13” booklets.

The text used for Envelope Printing is usually uncoated type i.e. that yield quality feel, provide an easy fold but it is no more shiny and slick. Another non-glossy look of text is a thin linen option. It provides a woven linen finish and a subtle appearance.  Envelopes are printed with the aforementioned standard four colors. Front of the envelope is printed and no printing is done on the back and no quoting is done over the envelope. This is to provide them a finished and more professional look.

Designs for Club Flyers and envelope printings are available online. Other designs are custom designs, associated designs; logo samples i.e. corporate logos etc. custom design represents the brand, company, and organization.  Full custom designs are also designed to represent the theme, concept and idea of the event. One ideal option for customers is to see the design online and customize it according to need and event nature.